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Winning is when you’ve given it all you’ve got, and it comes from the heart. You can never lose regardless of what the score reads.

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Weekend of March 11th-12th
Team Tournament Results
12 Purple Premier League #3 finish 1 of 8
12 Teal Non-League #3 finish 9 of 12
13 Purple Non-League #3 finish 6 of 8
14 Teal Non-League #3 finish 4 of 12
14 White Non-League #3 finish 6 of 12
14 Black Non-League #3 finish 3 of 12
16 Purple Non-League #3 finish 8 of 8
13 Purple Power League #1 finish 3 of 12
14 Purple Power League #1 finish 3 of 12
15 Purple Power League #1 finish 1 of 12
Weekend of Mar 4th-5th
Team Tournament Results
13 Purple Spring Classic finish 42 of 93
14 Purple Spring Classic finish 89 of 93
15 Purple Spring Classic finish 17 of 37

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Tournament Highlights

13 Purple

California Kickoff
Player of the Tournament: Auty Samaniego 22 Aces and 19 kills
Lydia – 50 digs average 3.3 digs per set
Isabel – 52 Assist, 26 kills, and 34 pass/digs
Ashley – 46 Assist, 7 kills and 43 pass/digs
Arielle – 3 Blocks
Nora – 2 Blocks

14 Purple

Power League #1
Player of the Day: Michelle
Serving: Vicki 90%, Jalen 90%, Emily 96%
Vicki 10 kills, Kaill 11 kills, 5 blocks, Emily 5 blocks

14 White

Non-League #3
MVP: Katherine McElroy
Most Improved Server: Audrey Campbell and Noelle Tanaka
Best Passer: Jessica Yabrow
Most Improved Setter: Michelle Baasandorj

14 Black

Non-League #3
Players of the Tournament: Katherine Bulgan, Katherine Southern, Anglea Luvsantseren, Mary Magnaibayar, Isabel Erdenebat

Premier League #2
Players of the Tournament: Jessica Buyanjorgal, Mary Magnaibayar, Vashegaarie Sundar

15 Purple

Power League #1
Player of the Tournament: Iriana 1.32 Pass Rating
Georgia 96% Serving
Sophia 90% Hitting

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Roy hope all is well. Currently in Iraq now heading back home in February. My sister told me about St Liz super sad. But yes you have absolutely contributed. You and Eddie were the first ones to teach me honest discipline through a sport I love and taught me determination, hard work, and most importantly team work. Volleyball was and still is my first love. You guys taught me the basics to life itself which allowed it to be an easier transition when I joined the Army, another team. A great team that I am proud to be a part of everyday. Can't wait to play again when I get back! 

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