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Our Philosophy

Winning is when you’ve given it all you’ve got, and it comes from the heart. You can never lose regardless of what the score reads.

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Weekend of April 11th-12th
Team Tournament Results
14 Teal Premier Premier League #4 NA
16 Purple Power Power League #3 NA
Weekend of April 4th-5th
Team Tournament Results
14 Purple Power Power League #3 Finish 8 of 12
15 Purple Power Power League #3 Finish 3 of 8

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Please purchase your tickets as-soon-as-possible to help us get a head count. If you're interested in volunteering to help out with the luau, please sign-up to our volunteer email list. See our luau page for details >


Tournament Highlights

12 Purple
NL3 Cynthia: 18 Aces, 4 Kills, 20 Passes
NL3 Aliyah: 12 Aces, 2 Kills, 12 Passes
NL3 Zindzhi: 8 Aces, 2 Kills, 8 Passes
Cora: 7 Aces, 1 Kills, 18 Passes
Layla: 13 Aces, 3 Kills, 17 Passes

14 Purple Power
PL3 Serving: Haley 97%, Olivia 96%, Mira 94%
PL3 Mira 7 blocks, 6 kills, Sophia C. 6 kills, 10+ hits
PL3 Player of the Day: Mia
PL3 THANK YOU Asha, Ellie & Sophia C!

14 Teal Premier
Serving Leaders: Layla - 89.5% // Lily - 88.9%
PL2 Offensive MVP: Sophia - 100% hitting
PL2 Defense MVP: Ellie - 14 digs
PL2 Most Improved Player: Amzie Brakeman
PL2 Most Clutch: Meredith Schley

15 Purple Power
Player of the Tournament: Gisselle 92% serving 90% hitting
PL3 Jordan 10 solo blocks 85% serve receive
PL3 Alex 93% serve receive 1.38 pass rating
NL3 Player of the Tournament: Darla 88% Digging
NL3 Bella 100% Serving 90% Hitting
NL3 Doran 92% Serving 100% Serve Receive

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Kalani was an amazing way of getting in shape, improving my skills, and making tons of friends. I know, personally, I've improved an incredible amount, and my team has improved in our ability to work together more than I could have every hoped.

For me and my daughter this was an incredible experience. The coaches, and other families at Kalani made us feel welcome, but specifically Roy, who undeniably has a true love for volleyball, and complete dedication to develop excellent players. My overall impression is that Kalani is a well rounded professional organization, that welcomes all families.

Club Kalani was the best sporting experience of my life. Not only did it improve my athletic abilities, but Club Kalani has made me more confident and has left me with friends for a lifetime.

Club Kalani met my expectations and it was a wonderful experience.

I really appreciate that Kalani not only taught me how to be a better volleyball player, but also how to be a good sport. Plus, the food was excellent!

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