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2018 Rosterteal flower

Player Grade
Alice P 7
Bayla P 7
Catherine M 7
Mia H 7
Sasha K 7
Natalie S 7
Reann Y 8
Siena P 7
Sydney B 7
Thailan B 7
Sonia L 8
Milan F 8
Coach - Jeff Achler  
Asst. Coach - Regan Young  


Tournament Resultsteal flower

13 Teal Results
Date Tournament Results W-L
Jan 21 Premier League Qualifier finish 14th 2-2
Jan 28 Premier League #1 finish 16th 1-3
Feb 17-19 Presidents Day finish 63rd 3-3
Feb 25 Premier League #2 finish 20th 2-3
Mar 11 Non-League #3 finish 13th 2-2
Mar 18 Premier League #3 finish 21st 3-1
Apr 8 Non-League #4 finish 8th 1-3
May 5 Premier League #4 finish 18th 3-1
May 19-20 Premier League Championship finish 21st 3-3
May 26-28 Bayview Classic finish 47th 4-4

Tournament Highlightsteal flower

Presidents Day
Congrats for winning t-shirts!!
Tournament Player Milan! She was active on the net both offensively and defensively. She provided great communication, positive effort, and consistent tough serving throughout the tournament. Great work!

Premier League Qualifier
All-Tournament MVP: Thai
Best in Serving: Cate
Best Offensive Player: Natalie
Best Defensive Player: Reann

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