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Zoom with Roy

We want to thank everyone who joined a last minute Zoom call with Roy on April 25th, we recorded the call to share with everyone. Link to Zoom call.

Messages from the zoom call.

20:01:53 From Ti McCoy : Love you Roy!!! Xoxo, Tianna & McCoy Family
20:02:31 From Angela Garcia : We love you Coach Roy! Eliana and Angela
20:02:57 From Colette Plum (she/her/hers) : We love you Coach Roy!! Thank you for all you have done for our girls and for all your care and coaching of Francesca!
20:02:58 From Silvia Rodriguez : Kalani would not have been the same without you being the great leader!
20:03:04 From Kathryn Ascencio : We love you Roy!
20:03:31 From Irais Rodriguez : Love you! A warm hug to! I will drink a coke for you!
20:03:37 From Elena Mora : Love you Coach Roy♥?
20:03:52 From Kathryn Ascencio : The Ascencio Clan is here, Roy!
20:03:55 From Casandra Rodriguez : We wouldn’t be the people we are today without you Coach Roy!
20:04:05 From Casandra Rodriguez : We love you!!
20:04:13 From Massimo : Love you Coach Roy. Much love
20:04:15 From Theresa Wilson : Love you Roy! Thank you for being my family! We will miss you!
20:04:23 From Sophie Mejia : Love you Roy! <3
20:04:24 From sofiafabbrizio : We miss you and love you!! You’re the best!!
20:04:24 From Kaitlyn Gong : Love you forever Uncle Roy ??
20:04:24 From Renata Mussi : we love you Roy! sending you lots of love -Renata
20:04:28 From the Gongs : Hi everyone, please leave Roy a message in the chat including stories
20:04:29 From Miss Trish Sagare : I never seen someone so generous and giving
20:04:31 From Ellie Rosen : love you roy!!!
20:04:41 From Belia : setting up my audio
20:04:45 From Belia : Hello Roy and All!
20:04:46 From Jessica Wahl : Thank you so much for everything Roy! <3
20:04:49 From Katie McCabe : Love you Roy!! Thank you for everything!!!
20:05:03 From Lindsey Parrott : we love you Roy!
20:05:09 From Layla Burack : Love you roy!!!!
20:05:32 From Cabrera Design : we love you coach roy!
20:05:43 From Miss Trish Sagare : your contributions are remarkable to the vb community in East bay!
20:05:48 From Yona Rappaport : Love from Mike and Yona!!
20:05:56 From jasmina G : Love you Coach Roy !!
20:06:19 From Paula Garcia : Thank you for all the lessons and love! We love you so much Coach Roy
20:07:04 From iPhone : We love you Roy, you helped us find our love for volleyball too. You’ll forever be with us ? miss you so much!
20:07:05 From Donna & Khalia Hom : Thank you for all you’ve done for us!! Praying for you and we love you!!
20:07:51 From Sophie Mejia : I miss seeing you at Mc Donalds everyday !
20:07:52 From Kennedy O'Neil : We love you Roy!! Thank you for everything - Kennedy, Nicole, Ben and Susan
20:08:00 From Casandra Rodriguez : Your legacy will live on forever! We will carry on the Kalani name with pride and in your honor.
20:08:11 From Layla Burack : You taught us everything Roy
20:08:21 From layla : Thank you Coach Roy for all you did for Kalani and for Layla & Elise and me! We love and appreciate you! Amy
20:08:50 From Ellie Rosen : you taught us so much roy and we love you for it!!!
20:08:51 From jamiechow : We love you Roy!! ??
20:09:02 From Maria Elena Ascencio : We love you so much Roy ??
20:09:04 From Alison Ganci : We love you!
20:09:14 From Dawn Rose : we love you Roy! so many great memories of volleyball and practice sessions. just thought about it last night when we watched the NCAA women’s finals. love, The Ganci Family……and Alison….the red headed setter!
20:09:15 From Mary Cheong : Love you coach roy!
20:09:46 From MARI, maricela gandara : We love you Roy!!?
20:10:28 From Miss Trish Sagare : you are loved and an amazing soul. thank you for everything
20:11:23 From MARI, maricela gandara : The donuts!
20:12:06 From Ana Gabriela Ascencio : Roy hasn’t just taught us volleyball: he’s shared meals with us, let us braid his hair, taken us to the movies, walked with us, played music with us, sang, danced, laughed. We are all who we are today because of having our friend, our mentor, our Coach Roy in our lives. You are family <3 And we are here with you, strong and in our community. Mahalo nui loa
20:13:49 From Miss Trish Sagare : kalani is Ohana and you embraced and modeled that spirit!
20:14:01 From Pamela Worobel-Luk : Thinking about you a lot recently.
20:14:17 From Pamela Worobel-Luk : Really appreciate the Kalani Ohana
20:15:06 From Ana Gabriela Ascencio : Does anyone else remember the cheer Coach Roy taught us how to do before each game? :) The one that spells out the word “KALANI”?
20:16:01 From Sophia L : we miss you coach roy. thank you so much for everything - sophia lazaro <3
20:16:21 From Sophia Roman : Love you coach Roy, thank you for everything. We are rooting and praying for you!
20:17:20 From Alex Lozica : You have touched so many lives thank you so much. I wouldn’t be where I am today without you. :)
20:19:56 From Teresa Ascencio : stealing his coconut crackers after practice hehehe
20:20:05 From Ana Gabriela Ascencio : One time I forgot my shoes to a tournament and Coach Roy literally took the shoes off of his own feet so I could play <3
20:20:08 From Cooky : best khalua pig. Thankks for your culture
20:20:59 From reinalowe : Thanks for everything Roy!
20:21:01 From Carranza : Ah Hui Ho Roy!
20:21:21 From Alyx Guzman : love you coach! thank you for everything you've taught us :)
20:21:45 From Belia : where is open house?
20:22:15 From Belia : Thank you Gilbert!
20:24:28 From Mary Cheong : Thanks Gilbert!
20:25:15 From Regan : Thanks for giving me my first opportunity to be a coach!!!
20:25:19 From Natalia and Veronica : Thank you for everything Roy!! We love you and are praying for you! <3
20:25:39 From iPhone (2) : We love you Coach Roy! You are always in our hearts. Love Mari ( st. Liz), Alyx, Miguel and Pat Guzmán
20:26:01 From Belia : The absolute best times, rolling up to these tournaments in the 90's in Roy's white utility van!
20:26:09 From Sophie Mejia : we love you so much roy! You have no idea how much you have impacted us!
20:26:12 From Ashley Lasher : thank you Roy for welcoming everyone into your family and for extending the sense of ohana in the truest sense
20:26:14 From Taryn Kisch Gallagher : Thanks so much for everything Roy!! We love you so much!!
20:26:16 From Cabrera Design : God bless you Coach! Thanks for letting Mia play volleyball!
20:26:22 From Brooke Wainwright : Thank you so much Roy! We love you! Thank you for everything!
20:26:22 From scout coberg : Thank you Roy!
20:26:34 From Nani : LOVE YOU ROY AND ALL YOU HAVE DONE FOR ME- Stephanie Castillo
20:26:46 From Regan : We’re praying for you!!
20:26:59 From Belia : Much love, strength & prayers Coach Roy!
20:27:18 From Betsy Wahl : Thanks for all you did for my girls! Betsy and Craig Wahl
20:27:30 From Amanda Lara - EDC : Thank you for everything coach! So many great memories with you! Go mustangs!