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What is twitter?
twitter is a microblog that let's you send small messages (140 characters).

How will Club Kalani use twitter?
We will send updates regarding the club about events, schedules, and important messages.

Each team will have a twitter page that we will send updates about changes to practice schedules and venue changes. At the tournaments we will send updates about playing schedules, court assignments and updates on the matches.

How do I get updates on the web?
Updates will be sent to the club and team twitter pages which can be viewed via a web browser.

How do I get updates on my mobile phone?
You can receive updates via text messaging on your mobile phone using twitter. In order to receive updates from twitter, you will need to create a twitter account, which is free.

To set-up a twitter account and get updates on your phone:

  1. Go to
  2. Tap the Sign up now button on the home page
  3. Enter your name, etc. to set-up your account
  4. Search for clubkalani, tap follow
  5. Search for your team, tap follow. (kalani12one, kalani13one, kalani14one, kalani14two, kalani16one, kalani16two, kalani18one)
  6. Check your email to confirm your email address
  7. Set-up your cell phone by sending a text message from your phone with the word "START" to "40404". Follow the instructions sent to your phone from twitter. Once your phone is set up to use twitter go to the next step.
  8. Under settings, in the Mobile tab, in Device updates: select On to enable text messages
  9. At the top navigation bar, tap Home
  10. On the right side navigation bar, tap following
  11. The screen displays clubkalani and under the column setting, click the phone icon to enable "Updates are sent by SMS to your mobile phone."

You will now receive updates to all club and/or team news from twitter.