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The Club offers a training program for girls, ages 12-18, and prepares them to compete at the high school. This year 97% of our players who tried out for their high school teams were selected. Our teams played in an average of 13 tournaments last year.

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... from players and parents.

"Roy hope all is well. Currently in Iraq now heading back home in February. My sister told me about St Liz super sad. But yes you have absolutely contributed. You and Eddie were the first ones to teach me honest discipline through a sport I love and taught me determination, hard work, and most importantly team work. Volleyball was and still is my first love. You guys taught me the basics to life itself which allowed it to be an easier transition when I joined the Army, another team. A great team that I am proud to be a part of everyday. Can't wait to play again when I get back!"

My daughters have played for Club Kalani for over four years. People ask me about the club all the time, I tell them my kid's enjoy the coaches and club. I see players and parents always looking for something better, every year looking for a better volleyball experience, looking for the right club for them. For my family, Club Kalani is the right club.”

I have played club volleyball for six years, five of which I have played for Kalani. Many people ask me why I have chosen to stay with Kalani or why I haven't explored other clubs. There are many reason why I stay with Kalani, but the main reason is that I have formed a family with club Kalani. Kalani makes everyone feel welcome and safe. When I first came and had Roy as a coach, I was shy and to tell the truth I was pretty scared, but I don't regret my choice one bit. With Club Kalani I have learned so much about volleyball and about life. Kalani is not just a volleyball club, but a family as well. I love club Kalani!

Club Kalani helped me develop my skills and become a better volleyball player. I got to know my teammates, not just as teammates but as friends. Overall, I had a blast.

My daughter played her first two years (12 and 13) at Kalani with Roy Ching as her head coach. Roy is an excellent coach because not only the does he teach the fundamentals of the sport, he also teaches how to be a team mate, how to have fun, and, most importantly, how to fall in love with the sport of volleyball. Roy takes pleasure in, and is an expert in, making everyone feel apart of the team regardless of ability. Never any drama in our two years there, just O'hana (and food). To me, Roy is a resource I will go to for many years to come because his wisdom is always appreciated. Kalani is a special club and has been the starting point for many volleyball players that are currently playing at an elite level.

“I have really enjoyed my two years here at Kalani! Not only have they help me with my volleyball skills but also taught me how to work with others and find new friends!

My daughter has become an accomplished volleyball player and Club Kalani has prepared her for High School Volleyball. She has gained mental and physical confidence on and off the court. Our experience has been memorable and we look forward to next years season, thank you Club Kalani for always making us feel at home.

Kalani was an amazing way of getting in shape, improving my skills, and making tons of friends. I know, personally, I've improved an incredible amount, and my team has improved in our ability to work together more than I could have every hoped.

For me and my daughter this was an incredible experience. The coaches, and other families at Kalani made us feel welcome, but specifically Roy, who undeniably has a true love for volleyball, and complete dedication to develop excellent players. My overall impression is that Kalani is a well rounded professional organization, that welcomes all families.

Club Kalani was the best sporting experience of my life. Not only did it improve my athletic abilities, but Club Kalani has made me more confident and has left me with friends for a lifetime.

Club Kalani met my expectations and it was a wonderful experience.

I really appreciate that Kalani not only taught me how to be a better volleyball player, but also how to be a good sport. Plus, the food was excellent!